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The Germans may not do much, yet they write all the more for that.”

That fondness with the printed word hasn’t changed much. Today, Germany is so much more than the combined influence of its rich philosophy and literature.

Unlike many Western nations, Germany has relatively liberal view in terms of internet freedom and access to information. Their laws on online security, online protection and information privacy is considered one of the toughest in the world. They take it very seriously. However, cyber criminals are not too far to reach to them. This can bean alarming situation at times, especially when you have  cases like Google vs Johannes Caspar, the chief Data Protection person in Germany.

Unencrypted public networks especially Wi-Fi Hotspot are the greatest threat for users online presence. Adding to that it is also risky to carry financial transaction on the internet while using a Public Wi-Fi.

Most importantly, German People do love to enjoy best quality HD movies, Episodes of recent season, webisodes and many more on Hulu, Netflix, Youtube and many more.


Clearly a VPN service is the solution for all of this. Remember, with a , you can unblock virtually any VoIP service in the GERMAN! Additionally, a GERMAN VPN service enables you to easily access all your favorite Internet services like Hulu Plus, Zattoo, Boxee, etc. that are normally restricted and Geo-locked by countries, including GERMAN authorities, and needless to say, it provides you security by encrypting all transmissions to and from your computer devices – whether a PC, laptop, Tablet, or a Mobile device. Furthermore, a VPN service helps protect against like hackers and Internet traffic sniffers at wireless hotspots and public Wi-Fi connections.


So, If you are in Germany or Travelling to Germany then don’t forget to add Germany VPN in you list before taking off. Or you might miss what you like most on the internet.

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