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Private Torrent Tracker Shuts Down, the private TV torrent tracker has announced that they are shutting down their service after 10 years of successful operations. Without caring about their users, sites owners has lost their interest in this product and have decided to discontinue this service.

This news has come as a shock to torrent users who have recently heard the news that ExtraTorrent is shutting down and within a week Freshon announced they are shutting down the service.

Meanwhile, many other sites are ready to welcome the existing uses of Freshon users. With the increasing number of torrent sites shutting down their operations it looks like that copyright holders have increased their efforts against pirate content. Hence, it is more important than before to use a Torrent VPN to stay anonymous while downloading torrents.

MPAA and RIAA track illegal downloading by monitoring their IP addresses in torrent swarms. Hence, by using a VPN that masks IP address, MPAA and RIAA will not be able to get the real IP of the downloader. All they will get is the IP address of VPN provider. If a VPN provider does not keep logs then there is no way MPAA and RIAA reach actual downloader.

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